The purpose of the Project 50

The purpose of the project is to pool efforts of scientists and doctors primarily, in order to start implementing the idea of human individual immortality. This means sampling the necessary biological material and all other information whatsoever ( see Memorandum 50 ) from the people who are personally interested in the implementation of the idea, processing the sampled material and information for the best storage possible, meeting special requirements for long storage, keeping the material in the form of individual data base, and eventually providing this material for the purpose of the project to be accomplished when science gets able to integrate all the components needed for
achieving the individual immortality.

The stages of promoting Project 50

1. Initiating panel

    a) Pooling efforts in order to solve problems of initiation

    ˛ search of partners and promoters
    ˛ arrangement for initial financing
    ˛ solution of legal and structural  problems
    ˛ handling problems of ethics

    b) Setting up the Board of Promoters

2. Work of the Board of Promoters at the first stage
    a) Making the Project function

    ˛ establishing contacts with foreign partners
    ˛ consultations on the main leads of activities
    ˛ setting up workshops
    ˛ legal formalities

    b) Working out a plan to implement the genetic part of the Project
    c) Working out a plan to implement the information part of the Project

    ˛ work of neuro- physiology panel
    ˛ work of psycho-physiology panel
    ˛ software panel

    d) Development of the fundamental principles upon which Project 50 will act as a constantly and                    continuously working unit.

    e) consultations about the statute of the Board of Trustees


Tentative structure
The board of trustees
Auditing Committee  
Financial Committee  
Legal Committee  
Ethics Committee


Executive structure
(The entire executive structure should be confidential. It will include bodies for external and internal protection, systems of external and internal communications, information exchange systems etc.) 
Scientific-Technological Council 
Information Research and Development Department (IR&DD)
collecting information from all possible sources, information assessment and transmission to IR&DD if necessary  
1. Additional investigation of the Óryoconservation of cells
2. Development of new methods to enlarge the information part of the individual data base.  
3.Development of transmitting information into the biology part of the individual data base.
Regional branches
1. The collecting of information and biological tests from program participants   
2. Transfer all these data into the BANK OF KEEPING   
3. Collecting additional information agreeably to instructions IR&DD and transmission new data into individual cells of  the BANK OF KEEPING

                                   Keeping of biological tests  
Keeping information
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